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  • Training music

    Hey fellas, thought I'd start a thread about what music everyone likes to listen to when they train? For me I can't get enough of the amity affliction

    Kill switch engage

    Parkway drive

    Old school Metallica and some stuff from st anger

    I prevail

    And a little bit of rap (98% Eminem)

    There's a few more but these are the main ones
    metalcore/screamo type bands are my preference though

    Would be good to maybe get some new ideas on songs and bands to listen to?

    Share away πŸ‘πŸΌ
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    agnostic front: anything but the record something's gotta give is awesome

    take offence : anything

    trapped under ice : big kiss goodnight record

    Sometimes can't beat good old madball too

    you might like code orange if you are into metal

    For me but agnostic front makes me too pumped I love it hahaha


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      Noisia live and the up beats live ,, if you have not heard of these bad boys and grew up on heavy metal ,,,have a listen
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        Honestly, 3 songs ive really been enjoying ATM,

        Disturbed - Sound of silence
        Metallica - One
        Metallica - Nothing else matters

        They more get me in the mood to train rather then listening to them during a lifting session.

        Lifting sessions have to be abit faster,

        Metallica - Enter sandman
        Black sabbath - Iron man

        a few rap songs i enjoy aswell,
        Eminem - till i collapse
        DMX - x gon give it to ya


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          My music playlists come from sport's / fighting movies or boxer's intro's. Music comes from:
          Remember the Titans
          Never back down
          All of the Rocky's
          Roy Jones Jr (boxer)
          Cool runnings
          And a bunch of action movies

          In essence, if you see someone walking like denzel washington in your gym, its probably me.


          • T-boy
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            Training Day? Pardon the punπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

          • NTRJ
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            My Nigga hahaha

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          Anything from Taylor Swift to Rammstein.

          I have mild aspergers so I literally just play one song on repeat when I workout. Kind've puts me into a trance and makes the time fly.


          • T-boy
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            I've often fantasised I about Tay-Tay's fadge. I reckon it dosnt smell, anytime of the day😍

          • SmaCCa
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            And the comment of the month goes too.... T-boy lol. Pure gold. Listen and learn from this guy kiddies

          • bbjlifter
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            I have the same thoughts haha

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          I've been flogging the ass out of "Death Magnetic" by Metallic, full album. Also an old Aussie band "The Mark of Caine". System Of A Down on shuffle and an old movie soundtrack, "Judgment Night". Its pretty much the first time rap artists and metal/rock bands collaborated on an album other than Run Dmc and Aerosmith. Also a little old school gangsta rap. In the car on the way home it's Bob Marley all the way as it helps me with road rage lol
          Always on a comebackπŸ˜†


          • Diamondcobra1488
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            I remember the mark of cain, going back to thee early 2000's right ??

          • T-boy
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            Yeah that's them mate. Kinda hard rock style with sick bass lines. Certainly unique sound and lyrics. One of their albums was produced by Henry Rollins.

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          Parkway drive atlas album, pantera far beyond driven and vulgar display of power albums and Metallica


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            I'm liking what I see here. Brothers in metal πŸ‘πŸ» My list is hatebreed, paintera, slayer, testament, cannible corpse, some madball and much more lol


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              disturbed is my **** atm
              10000 fists

              slipknot: before i forget

              lamb of god: black label (this one is the pr song atm)

              wish i new more songs like those


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                Oh I forgot to mention, good old guitar hero playlist does wonders too.


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                  +1 Pantera. Havnt listened to those guys since me and my mates would sit in the back shed at home and smoke weed all night.
                  Always on a comebackπŸ˜†


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                    you tube pantera a new level by Hollywood scream not a bad psych up vid


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                      Metal and more metal


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                        amity affliction
                        parkway drive
                        we came as romans
                        a day to remember
                        bullet for my valentine
                        i prevail


                        • bbjlifter
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                          Never heard of we came as romans so i downloaded some of their stuff, I'm liking it a lot so far cheers mate