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    Have been a long time user of AJ (previously) and have recently come off Platinums Anavar And was extremely happy with the outcomes.

    Decided to take the plunge and finally start to test their oils and purchased their Test E and Clen...Recieved my package today and only recieved part of my order! Have sent an email to PA but am yet to hear anything back from them, apart from this slight issue (which Iโ€™m hoping will be easily rectified) what I did receive looks great package wise...Just wish I got my whole order!

    will post bloods pre and post cycle to see how the new range stacks against the previous Lambo gear.


    • MaxMuscle
      MaxMuscle commented
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      Hey mate,

      I'm pushing through my emails as quickly as possible. Would you mind sending me a PM on here with your name or order number so I can quickly locate the email you sent earlier today?

      I'll get this fixed up for you straight away.


    • Gypsy78
      Gypsy78 commented
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      Max has been an absolute legend in having the issue resolved! Replacement goods arrived today after being raised yesterday.

      Planning on pinning my first shot this weekend and if itโ€™s as good a quality as is the packaging Iโ€™m going to enjoy!

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    Anyone got any feedback on Platinum's Clen yet


    • FakeNatty
      FakeNatty commented
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      I had some a few months back and whilst I experienced the shakes, it was definitely under dosed compared to some other brands I've used at 40mcg per pill. Few kilos of weight loss but nothing fantastic. I've always found you tend to put the weight back on in the 2 weeks off anyway.

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    I have used the following Platinum products:

    Dbol (by itself and stacked with test)
    Test P&E

    They have all been GTG and I am incredibly pleased with them.

    Cant wait until they reopen as I only have two more doses of Test left. Will be ordering more immediately.

    PS: Best packaging.
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      Hey guys just wondering what the ETA is for restock?


      • Deanwow5
        Deanwow5 commented
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        Hoping for stanabol and arimedex ๐Ÿ™‚

      • PlatinumAnabolics
        PlatinumAnabolics commented
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        All going well, we'll begin packaging the orals over the weekend and they'll be ready early next week.

      • Deanwow5
        Deanwow5 commented
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        Thanks guys. We all love you Ausjuice

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      I've been ordering from ausjuice and platinum for the last 15 months, all the gear has been decent with good results, the Superdrol was off its head and I gained at least 10kg in a couple of short weeks,,,I've been ripped off over the Christmas break trying to get on through other sources and one scam website me to realise I should of just waited it out and stuck with the next day delivery and awesome gear I get from platinum....also the cut stack is worth smackin every second day as I had crazy erections and tren temper lol with instant results.... definitely worth using lol....


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        Very happy with platinum anabolics, always next day delivery, awesome cut stack as im always hard horny and angry , the superdrol was off its head too...put on 10kg in two short weeks, I'm always happy with platinum and ausjuice as it does give me results even when my training is crap lol, i got ripped off ordering around Christmas ordering with other sites which was my own fault so we all learn but yes all in all excellent site and will not be ordering anywhere else in future.....


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          Received my order of test e and test c today within 24 hours, test e looks very clean, had 2ml no pip ,nice taste, a big thanks for getting my gear to me as I need it as I'm on a budget, very happy with how fast delivery is...๐Ÿ˜‹


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            Has anyone tried the supertest 400?


            • Brent
              Brent commented
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              Yes mate I have, it's really good bang for your buck.........

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            Started on a cycle of Lambo Test P and PA NPP.

            Delivery from PA was very very quick.
            Vials look awesome!

            Gave the cycle 6 weeks and have to say the NPP had very little effect.
            Switched to Lambo Tren A and noticed changes in week 7.

            Overall I just felt the PA NPP was perhaps underdosed.
            Having said that, I've never run NPP before so perhaps I was expecting too much.