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  • Beastmaster dnp female cycle

    thanks to you THE BEAST MASTER billybeastmaster

    for the dnp and the never ending wisdom

    My wife has just completed a cycle of beastmasters dnp

    Now before we start my wife has run many compounds
    Aware of dangers of dnp and female use

    My wife is 28yrs old 175cm tall 75kg size 10 about 20%BF , is a mother of 2
    And is looking at competing in powerlifting , strong as ****
    We train together 6x a week
    Diet is on point running maintenence cals
    40%carbs 40% protein 20%fat

    No change to diet or excercise for this cycle
    Cycle support
    5grams vit C
    Alpha lipoic acid 1200mg
    Apple cider vinegar 1x daily

    10 day cycle
    First 5 days 100mg per day
    Then 200mg 5 days

    Waited 1 week then weighed in at 72.5kg thats 2.5kg loss down to size 8
    We did measurements before and after

    Bust stayed the same
    Chest loss 3cm
    Waist loss 5cm
    Hips loss 2cm
    Thigh loss 5cm
    Above knee loss 5cm
    Calve loss 1cm
    Above elbow loss 1cm
    Fore arm loss 1cm
    Belly button around loss 3cm
    Total loss of 26cm around body CRAZY
    Looking very defined now !

    Thanks beastmaster your products are A+++
    Well dosed and clean

    Wife had no side effects other than a little sweat and heat

    Shes doing 1 more round then
    Will be starting a cycle 💪 bring on the gains beastmaster
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    awesome write up @Lorenzo.......... one question ............ did she do any cardio? additional cardio or normal cardio


    • Lorenzo
      Lorenzo commented
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      Thanks mate
      Zero cardio at all
      Just trains weights 6x a week
      Kept the usual program and usual maintenance diet

      Only change was dnp

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    Zippy this was my wifes dnp exp


    • Zippy
      Zippy commented
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      Thank you so much

    • Lorenzo
      Lorenzo commented
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      All good zippy 👍

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    Good work lorenzo your misses will be a shreded beast in no time. I apprecite your post about dnp. Ive had alot of people msg me about other labs cuting their dnp with vit c wtf


    • Lorenzo
      Lorenzo commented
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      Thanks mate 👍 just in time for a cycle for her 💪
      Got a comp coming up to to

      Beastmaster your dnp is the best stuff ive tried over the years
      Id never had let the wife try any of the others ive used

      Be suprised whats in the caps when you cut them open

      You use clear caps for starters says you have nothing to hide
      Love the work 👍

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    Cycle no2 down
    Wife ran
    200mg dnp for 10 days

    No bad sides just a little heat

    She actually enjoys using it

    Been off dnp 6 days and down to 70 kg
    2.5kg loss
    Still reckon some water to loose will
    Do measurements in a couple days



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      Thank you lorenzo your wife will be a walking death machine soon


      • Lorenzo
        Lorenzo commented
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        Haha Shes alpha female ready for a cycle 💪

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      The wife after 2x rounds of beastmasters dnp
      2 weeks on
      1 off
      2 weeks on

      amazing results and no bad sides very safe and effective

      Thankyou beastmaster 💪
      Last edited by Lorenzo; 08-15-2017, 09:56 PM.


      • NTRJ
        NTRJ commented
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        Got a front shot haha :P

        Looking good, bigger and more defined than most the ****head kid lifters in my gym.

      • Lorenzo
        Lorenzo commented
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        Haha thanks mate
        Shes just started cycle now will post up more results

        And powerlifting comp soon

        I bet she stronger than most blokes in your gym to haha

        Pb for big 3

        Bench 115kg /record for weightclass
        Squat 145kg
        Dead 145kg

        Safe to say i have no chance of wearing the pants in my house hold 😂

      • NTRJ
        NTRJ commented
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        Haha definitely not going to wear the pants. **** 145kg squat, I hit my pb last week at 160... tbh all 3 are awesome lift's.

        When was the DNP stopped in relation to the pic?

        Easily stronger than most at the gym. Top contender has to be the bloke who loads the bar up for squats and gets 1 inch of depth for his squat. Mother ****er just looks like he is bopping on a ****.

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      Its not fair i need to upp my dose to keep up with her
      Its embarrassing when she does a set first then unloads the machine for me 😧

      Stopped dnp sunday photo taken monday

      So mucles are flat and alot of water retention
      Takes her about 10 days to drop water from dnp

      Just started
      Winny / var
      And will be adding
      And primo

      Haha or guys who load up leg press and have hands on knees for 1/4 reps 😂


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        interesting read my wife is chewing my ass about dropping some weight by using DNP.
        I ran some DNP many years ago worked well with no issues but nice to see some information about DNP used in women.


        • Lorenzo
          Lorenzo commented
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          My wifes run 3 cycles of dnp now
          Up to 400mg for 2 weeks

          No bad sides
          She does not mind usuing dnp
          Would never touch clen again