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    Originally posted by kingmjb View Post
    anyone selling SR9009 keen to buy


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      AUS LABS how would prospective customers verify your products or any other companies sarms to prove there legit?
      are there any blood tests that can be done to verify a product is g2g?
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        Tbh i would avoid AusLabs, if someone writes or posts a negative review on there facebook page they delete the comment and BLOCK them! Heres a few statements from a few people.

        1.) Hello, i am posting this review and will keep posting this review until Aus Labs stops deleting posts and comments that vistors leave based on there orders etc. I've posted mutiple reviews and left constructive critisim but each time have been blocked from posting or leaving a comment and had the review removed.

        First of all, there products do work, i have had them tested and there purity comes back at close to 97-98% which is fantastic, so you know what you are getting works.

        However, there is a major flaw with there customer interaction, and response time when you have an issue. I have had issues with orders not being shipped or confirmed, and have had no one responding to emails nor phone calls.

        The fact that they delete other vistor messages that complain about there service or something that went wrong shows that they are hiding from it, instead of accepting that they made a mistake and replying with a solution and apologising etc. This makes a company look not only more professional but reliable and trustworthy.

        2.) Another person complaining about there product.

        Terrible service.
        Hell a lot of reviews on the facebook page, but please be aware, when someone posts negative comments, the person is blocked and removed from the facebook page, not able to comment anything on the page.
        The payment system is crap! Maybe the reason there is no Paypal, might be scammers.
        You buy the stuff and for 3-4 days there is no update regarding postage or approved order.
        Ring them, no answer.

        3.) Be Warned! This is a company that BANS and DELETES all NEGATIVE POSTS!!! And then does a rampage on Bodybuilding Forums explaining how Amazing there products are and how many good reviews they have! Have a look at there reviews, they are some of the most generic reviews ive ever seen!