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  • Anadrol

    Anyone currently or recently used any a bombs from any sponsors here .
    Thoughts ? What lab did you use ? What dose and for how long.

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    I took kryptos abombs lastyear waz underdosed waz taking up to 200mgs per day didnt really get the insane strength or weight gains on them like you should and just recently got some thai abombs off a seller here aswell were definitely bunk


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      Platinum Anabolics are good to go. Ran them at 100mg for 6 weeks and put 8kgs on and strength went through the roof


      • Mediocrates
        Mediocrates commented
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        Pretty sure. Saw a post about them taking a break. You can try ordering though. Not trying to discourage you from trying them, just repeating what i saw on a post by them. Their not part of the sale, and theyve disappeared as sponsors on another forum as well.

        On another note, another mob taking a break atm called agp have excellent anadrol. Ive used it and packed on 5kg in about two weeks on it. Wjhen they return give em a try imo.

      • Hd274
        Hd274 commented
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        Mediocrates cheers man im not wary of platinum .
        Platinum aj and aus meds are the only suppliers on here ive ordered from and have always been happy with them . Was hopeful they would be a part of the event

      • DEEZNUTS
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        Mediocrates not sure if you’re getting confused with platinum products mate?

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      Quantam has good Anadrol i heard. Havnt used though.


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        Try Juicehead1983
        His got good quality stuff n people told me his anadrol is really good


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          how fkn good is drol for strength, i was right at the end of a cycle incline benching 2 plates for 5. then i took 100mgs of drol for 2 weeks and my bench went to 2.5 plates for 10. CRAZY


          • ghfhfdd
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            Did you use a supplier in here bro

          • jasonkiller
            jasonkiller commented
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            nah it was aus1pharma

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          If anyone can still get those BD Androlics OMG nothing has ever hit as hard in regards to pump, strength and size


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            androlics always been good to me. Trust your source and you will be fine
            also used some alpha pharma anadrol and it was nuts! Pricey but worth it.

            i cant run it for more than 2 weeks at 100mg before my liver carks it and my appetite is in the gutter, which sucks cos at that dose you really notice it’s effects


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              Originally posted by nostalgik View Post
              If anyone can still get those BD Androlics OMG nothing has ever hit as hard in regards to pump, strength and size
              Androlics are ridiculous. Havent seen legit ones here for couple years now


              Hd274 these are the andadrol that used to be available on AJ website couple months back. We also have Lambo adrol available. Thanks.