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    I don't understand why everyone panics after one day. Order, pay, if you don't get your gear in a few days then question. And it's always the new posters.


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      Hi guys I'm new to this, Just got a quick question regarding Test E. I have been looking around and i noticed Test E from gear-phoenix WOLF is $170 Vs Test E from Ausjuice LAMBO's Is $95. just wondering why the price difference is so big? is it quality or something else? Thanks.


      • Titan
        Titan commented
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        They are just expensive! You can't go wrong with ausjuice!

      • Lowdose
        Lowdose commented
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        The lambo gear has been consistent to date. I wouldn't pay anymore than that just for Test.

      • muscledude_oz
        muscledude_oz commented
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        I saw the Gear Phoenix site and jibbed at the high prices. Outrageous. I went to Ausjuice instead for my supplies.

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      Hi guys, would just like some tips and/or cycles and post cycles you would recommend.
      Very new to this, but have been researching a crap tonne for the last 2-3 months.
      Im currently sitting at 86.5kgs
      am 185cm tall
      Body fat is sitting between 16-18 %
      im looking to put on a lot of muscle and tone up my abs
      currently on "muscle chef" meals a week which is giving me 2400 calories a day
      im working out 6 times a week along with cardio (as much as I hate it) but I'm looking for that extra boost.
      I am prone to acne and currently living off $500-$650 a week.
      Thank you in advance.
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      Experiences with Syntha labs guys? i want to place a big order from Gear oz for some basic oils and orals but i havent seen many reviews for Syntha. help a brother out


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        Always a delight dealing with Gear Phoenix. I believe their customer service is second to none. Their products are grade A and always gtg. Their Clenduteral probably the most potent I’ve had. Thanks again Gear Phoenix